Chinhoyi University of Technology students gives Zimbabwe a special gift in song “Beautiful Zimbabwe”

CHINHOYI-  Talented boys and girls from Chinhoyi University of Technology (C.U.T) converged, during their spare times to give our land Zimbabwe a special gift in the form of a song. This song is loaded with beautiful lyrics which gives an insight into the land of Zimbabwe.

Kariba dam

The most interesting part is the mention of names of our various attractions including Victoria falls, Kariba, Great Zimbabwe, our beautiful Nyangani mountains. More so the lyrics also include an inspiration message which encourages the nation to move on, despite various challenges.

victoria falls

One of the major benefits of this song is that one can easily be convinced and impressed to visit the beautiful Zimbabwe The song is also accompanied by a highly interactive video showing various backgrounds, this really shows that zimbabwe as a nation is are blessed with various talents. On a lighter note the song also highlights that Zimbabwe has  beautiful ladies (true ofcourse). The song features various young talents including T Deezy, King CO, Lorraine,T-Mac, Gloria, Fasc, Kundai, Twan Afriqa, Rutendo and Lewin. The song has already made waves as it is circulating in many whatsapp groups.

Takudzwa Mutyavaviri


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