Important virtue in life – How you see yourself!

How you treat yourself is of great importance to God. Your spirit, soul and body are all relevant functional parts of you, and are also very important to your heavenly Father. The Holy Spirit through the Apostle Paul reminds us that we are God’s property.
You’re not your own anymore, you’re God’s. He brought you with an expensive price, the blood of His son, Jesus. Therefore, He expects you to value His precious possession, which is you! He doesn’t want you to look down on yourself. You’re God’s masterpiece. So, carry yourself with dignity, as one in whom the Spirit of God dwells.
    The reason some people have very low self -esteem is that they face a constant inner battle for life, resulting in an identity crisis. One major reason is lack of self-confidence, for reasons ranging from child abuse, verbal abuse, peer pressure, deprivation of all sorts to a lack of good education. The good news is that, as believers, we have the Greater One inside us. Our confidence is not in our ability but in God’s ability, which we received the moment we gave our lives to Jesus. Now, you have His ability because His power has been deposited in you.
  To be caught in the Web of low self-esteem is the devil’s channel of destroying a Christian. The constant haunt to disregard yourself, thinking nobody loves or cares for you wouldn’t contribute any positive impact to your life. God has great plans for you. Let God build you. Let Him organize your affairs. Permit Him to work in every facet of your life. Then, He can have full hold over you without the risk of your falling prey to the enemy’s tricks. It only requires a submissive heart.


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