1. Are YOU who the person that you are
looking for, is looking for?
2. Are you ready for what you are asking
GOD for?
3. Are you that person that can be a
compliment that “list” that you have
4. Example: You want this person to have
their own business, but can you help them
take that business to the next level or
sacrifice in the building process of that
5. You want them to LOVE you
unconditionally, do YOU know how to do
that in the relationships that you have in
your life now or even with YOURSELF?
6. Do you simply want to be rescued from
being alone, being a single parent, want
Gods approval to have sex inside of a
marriage, getting older and tired of waiting,
etc and just chalk up your behavior as “I am
a work in progress and if they love me they
will accept me like this” … ?
*Remember: When GOD blesses you with
that person you have been praying for, He
is looking to answer that person prayers as
well in a mate. Prayers that have people
attached to them will be a blessing for all
parties involved.
Be honest with yourself with where you are
in your ability to LOVE
(1 Corinthians 13 the whole chapter)
because GOD will bless you according to HIS
word. He will bless you so you can BE a
blessing not just so you can receive one.”


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