Maximize your heart-break like Adele (Hello singer). How to recover from a break-up?

It took a heart-break for one British singer Adele to realise that she is a great musician… with a heavy heart, she penned a great song “Someone like you” and she got another smash hit “Hello” – these songs sold millions of copies and now she is living a dream… when her boyfriend dumped her, that’s when her eyes were opened… to date she has won 8 grammy awards…
Listen : in life you don’t have to hang on to some things…. there is reward in letting go… until you move out of that comfort zone, you will not realise your miracle because you are too relaxed… until you leave that friend, you will always live a disappointed life… until you leave that job, you will not get your promotion… know when its time to move on and seek new avenues… the sons of Isachaar were great because they knew times and seasons 1 Chronicles 12:32… your life is not tied to anyone but God… don’t let anyone pull you down… fight for your dream… with God you are in the majority – whatever you do will always succeed… run your own race… stay in your track… stay focused on Jesus… stay on course… and the battle will be won!!


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