[Important] Assess yourself for greatness!

Assess yourself! As we begin another month, it’s the time to sit back and evaluate yourself. You need to assess your performance from the beginning of the year to this very moment. You need to find out if you are stagnant or growing, if you are crawling or running after your dream. Let me ask you these questions. Have you discovered what your talent is yet? Have you even found out what your purpose is? Have you made a decision to live out your purpose in life yet? But wait a second! Do you know that finding out your talent is not enough, you must start to live up to your potential? Starting is not enough, you must be persistent. Consistency is not enough, you must be patient. Boldness is not enough, you must be hungry for success. Whatever thing you do, keep believing in yourself. Keep moving closer and closer to your greatness! You can’t reach there in a day. It’s a gradual process. But what you do day in day out counts. How great do you want to be in life? Determine what you want for yourself and start working towards achieving it. You are the pen and paper, rewrite your stories! Determine to achieve greatness. It is achievable. You deserve something better in life. You deserve great success.


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