Speaker:Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

•The Bible is God’s revelation.
•The Bible is what God said.
•The Bible is God’s testimony.
•The Bible is God’s Word.
•Jesus is the Word of God made flesh.
•Jesus is the revelation of God’s Word.
•Jesus is the character of God’s Word.
•When you see Jesus you see Gods idea,God’s opinion.
•You are the expression of your words.
•Your word is your character.
•No man is different from his words.
•You are saved by your words.
•In the realm of the spirit is not flesh and bones that counts but your words.
•The most important gift is the ability to speak.
•Words are not language .
•Words are spirit.
•Words don’t die.
•One day you will see your words and you know they look like you.
•Jesus showed us the value of words.
•Be different make your words different.
•If you meditate on God’s Word you will bring out God’s Word.
•Until the Word of God becomes part of you,you can’t grow.
•The Word of God will produce what it talks about.

•God has given 3 important virtues to human beings.
1Corintnians 13:13
Faith,hope and love

Only human beings can express these things.

1)Faith is the ability to acknowledge the invisible and to act inspite of sensual perception.

2)Hope is the ability to except and to project into the future

3)Love is the ability to give and accept value,trust and fellowship.

•These are abilities and we must learn to use it.
•It doesn’t matter what happens put your faith to work.

2)The Gospel is God’s call to fellowship.
•The totality of the Gospel is for fellowship.
•The highest purpose of the Gospel is a call to fellowship.
•The reason why Jesus died was because fellowship was broken.
•Fellowship means a call to oneness a family relationship.
•Is a joint fellowship.
•Everything God owns I own.
•Christainity is not religion.
•Christainity is divinity at work in humanity.
•Christainity is the divine life expressed through a human body.
•Grace is the outward influence of inner perfection.
•Grace is the beauty of God.
•Jesus called us to fellowship.
•The message is receive the life Jesus brought.
•You can’t see the Kingdom if you don’t have the life of the Kingdom.
•The Kingdom of God is everywhere.
•God sent Jesus to establish the Kingdom.
•When you are born again you begin to see the Kingdom.
1Corinthians 1:9
1 John 1:3-4
•We are called into fellowship.
•To come into fellowship is the greatest thing.
Galatians 3:26-29
•You can’t be a child of God except by faith in Christ Jesus.
Acts 3:25
•We are children of the covenant.
•Prayer is not for getting things from God but prayer is for fellowship.
2 Peter 1:3
•As a Christianity what you need to learn is to learn how to take what is already yours.
•In our fellowship with God He has given us life.
Romans 6:23

Fellowship brings
18Smauel 2:8
What to do
1)Accept it:What God has given you.The called to fellowship.
2)Act like it
•Faith is expressed.
3)Proclaim it
2 Corinthians 4:13


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