Guidance for all Christians: Living a Christ like life!

As Christians, we have the Spirit of Christ. It’s so important for us to be conscious of that reality. The word ‘Christian ‘ means Christ-like ; in other words, we’re like Christ. We’re to live, love, talk and conduct all our affairs in life like Him. Some Christians know how to be nice only when they’re in church. The real question is, who are you when you’re out of church? When at home, in the office, school, market-place and on the street, do you suddenly forget your identity as a Christian and begin to act and talk like the rest of the world?
     Your Christianity must not be restricted to the Church building. You’ve been called to make a difference; God has placed you as an example and a shining light in this world, never forget that. When you open your mouth to speak, people should experience the love of God through your words. Your words should minister grace to the hearers always, for you have the Spirit of Christ.
      Some people are quick to blow their top and become easily infuriated when others offend them, but when you’re conscious of your identity as a Christian, you would learn to subdue your anger always. You would learn to love and appreciate others even when they hurt or mistreat you. That’s the way of Christ; that’s the life of a Christian!


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