Everybody wants to be successful in
2016. Everybody wants to make
money and be very
comfortable. But
do you follow the principle of success? You can only be
successful (Godly success) if you follow
the following principles:

1. Be generous. Be a giver. God loves
a cheerful giver. God does not bless
stingy and greedy people.
(except if the blessing is from the

2. Be very prayerful. Fast and pray
without ceasing Enemies will
manipulate you anyhow if you are
not prayerful.

3. Have faith. Believe that you have
already received it.

4. Have goals. Plan towards the goals.
Work based on your goal. Be focused.

5. Don’t be lazy. Work hard.

6. Try to have more than one source
of income. Don’t put all eggs in one basket.

7. Face one goal at a time. Pursue one thing at a time.

8. Don’t be comfortable with
your present condition. Don’t relax. Push
forward. Aspire to be better than what you are now.

9. Do not neglect a small beginning.
It is good to start from somewhere.
Do not fold your hands and be
waiting for a job that pays hundreds
of thousand naira as salary. You can
accept a job with a meagre salary
and start saving money from the
little salary . Little by little, drops of
water will become an ocean. Good Afternoon.


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