By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

I stood up to teach in our midweek service.
The first thing I asked the church to do was to
go ask someone “How was your day?”.
Everyone went around asking, shaking and
patting each others back. Some even hugged
I smiled as I saw it all. Guess what, no one
to the pastor to ask that simple question
‘How was your day?’. Yet! I was tired and it
been a really hard day.
Pastors and Medical doctors may have
something in common- people believe they are
fine as long as they breathing!
You are quick to ask your pastor “Are you
praying for me?” But have you ever told him
“I am praying for you”.
You know how to accuse the pastor of not
visiting you but have you ever stopped by to
check on him and his family?
You tell the pastor that you are going on
vacation but have you ever wondered when
he had a break?
Your pastor smiles at you telling you “It is
well with you” when at times, it is a prophecy
A pastor can officiate a wedding just after
consoling a bereaved family (Can you imagine
that emotional switch- yet he must be
Your pastor is human too! Trust me, there
are sundays he did not feel like coming to
church but he still did! Some of the lovely suit
covers the pains.
The year is coming to an end and I have seen
pastors quit because of depression (true!).
You can put a smile on your pastors face as
year comes to an end! Buy gifts for your
and his family too.
I have simply told you what your Pastor
would never say!.


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