If smartphones & whatsapp were there in bible times, some posts would be like:

1. Guys it’s scary. Lot’s wife just turned into a
pillar of salt.. # Shaking !
2. Pimping my Camel.. Jerusalem here I come
3. Chilling with Moses by Mount Sinai..Miracles be
going down here.. # OMG!
4. Eve and Hubby got banished.. They ate from the
forbidden fruit.. I mean who does that!? # Smh
5. Just chilling in first class At Noah’s Ark.. The
view here is Fantastic.. But ’em Lions keep staring
at me.. # Weird
6. Some people are soo Cruel! Cain, How do you
kill your own bro.. # RIP Abel.. *Tear Drop*
7. Jacobs Status: Things we do for Love, Can’t
believe I served her father for 14 years just to get
her.. Got Mad Love for you Rachael
8. Isaac: Damn! Dad nearly sacrificed me.. #
SelfieWithLamb !
9. One of Jesus’ Disciples post: What a Long day..
Walking and Preaching the gospel.. Now chilling
with ’em bro’s..
Them guys are funny.. # LLP (Laughing Like
10. Mary: Joseph is not replying to my messages
on WhatsApp He still thinks I cheated.. Grow Up
11. Samson: This chick just sold me out.. Iam
going to bring the roof down on this party..
# TurnUp !
12. Judas did what!!? That bro aint Loyal! # Smh



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