1. Never fail to pray before saying yes to a man. Don’t be in
a hurry to get married.
☝If you rush in, you may rush out with a lot of injuries!

2. Discover Your Purpose before marriage.
☝Go To School Or Learn a trade.
☝Don’t wait for a man before you start living.
☝Add value to yourself and leave a good life.

3. Don’t run after a man because of his money, cars connection, position, talent, or family background.
☝Marry a man base on the conviction of the Holy Spirit and Love.

4. Develop a healthy eating habit.
☝It takes discipline to do that.

5. Dress well: First Impression counts.
☝Don’t expose any of your private part for men to see otherwise you might only attract a player not a responsible man.

6. Don’t beg or force a man to marry you.
☝You are too precious to do that.
☝And don’t try to hook and keep a guy with sex or unwanted pregnancy.
☝Many ladies who do that end up in shame and regrets.

7. Your character is your marriage.
☝ It makes a man want to spend the rest of his life with you.
☝So Work on your character.
☝Beauty is not everything.
☝If it is all you have, you’ll lose your place to someone more beautiful and more matured than you.

8. Never fail to learn how to cook good food.
☝Men usually love a woman who feed them with good food because one of the easiest way to a man’s heart is through good food.

9. Never fail to read at least 20 books about marriage and
family before your wedding.
☝The marriage you don’t prepare for will confuse you when you get there.
☝Attend marriage seminar and premarital counselling before marriage.

10. Never fail To Give Your Life to Christ before Marriage.
☝A Marriage Without Christ Is Bound To Experience Marital Crisis.


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