As Christians, we must strive at having effective prayer lives. Prayer is not only a fellowship, it’s also a labor. And it’s wrong for us to pray only when we feel like it.

Our bodies and minds may not enjoy praying and can rebel against it because prayer doesn’t appeal to our minds and senses. Many times we make the mistake of putting off praying till the end of the day, but by the time we are through with the activities of the day, we are so tired and drowsy and our thoughts start wondering while we are praying. At this stage, labor comes into prayer; a fight to keep yourself on track against the dictates of the flesh.

This requires ample training and you must be resolved to stick with your prayer schedule. Some Christians may find it difficult to do this, but the reason is they haven’t been able to discipline their flesh. If you can train your mind and body to go to work every day of the week, without ever considering getting to work late, or missing work for a day; then you can train yourself to pray regularly and also on time.

Learn the importance of prayer and be willing to make sacrifices for your prayer life. Don’t depend on ‘emergency prayers’; consistency is the key. There are so many things that would compete with your prayer time, but there’s a lot you can achieve on your knees. Stay connected to God and make a fresh commitment to your personal prayer life today.


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