No matter who you are, you are someone’s role model.

There’s always someone out there looking up to you. They admire you and they just want to be like you. So mind the way you live your life. Be a good role model and not a bad one. Be accommodative to the younger ones. They need you now, and you will need them tomorrow at your old age.
If you are not available to them now, they will not be available to you when you are old.
You don’t have to be a celebrity to be a role model to someone. They don’t have to be your relations before you can mentor them. Remember, you are who you are today because others contributed positively into your life. Do the same for others. Everything is not about money, your words of advice, wisdom and encouragement will go a long way in the life those young ones.

Help to raise the next generation with a good example. Be a helping hand to that young boy/girl, they need your mentorship and your counsel. The better future we are talking about today lies in the heart of those younger ones. If we don’t nurture them with the right information and through God’s word now, that great future of our dream will never be possible.

As an adult, have some young people you are responsible for. Be concern about them, show them good example to follow. Spend time with them. Find out what they are up to and the challenges they may be facing. See how you can be of help to them. They need your wisdom and advice. They may not be bold enough to come to you for advice, just show them you are genuinely concern about them.

Many young people need directions in life. Some of them don’t even know what to do with their lives. They are just gambling here and there. At the end, they may end up in the hands of the bad guys because the good guys are not available. In reality, the bad guys seems to be more accessible than the good guys this days. That’s why our society is in mess today.

Let’s stop those walls of dignity we are building around ourselves that’s scaring people away from coming to us for advice or help. Our Mothers and big Sisters, please help to raise our younger women. Our Fathers and big Brothers, please help to raise the younger men. You may not be able to help everyone, but at least one or two. If we as adults take up at least two young persons for mentorship, we will have a better society than what we have right now.

How many young people are you mentoring right now?
Don’t just live for yourself and your family alone, help to raise other younger ones. This is what we are living for. “Every child is your child.”
I challenge you today.

God bless you.


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