The power of music – Meditation (General observation) Shona language

Recently a friend of mine sent me a song “Muno donhedza musika” so i listened to it in full several times. To my amazement it kept ringing in my mind to the point that at any given moment “i would just sing heee munodhingura sceroo” then i say enough is enough. But at a later point in time i would hear myself singing “Heee makonzeresa nyaka nyaka” then i say to myself this is the last time but i would just start singing it again “heeee munodonhedza musika”. I’m still struggling to delete this song in my mind its not my type at all. Then it got to me that if a song can have this maximum impact on my subconscious mind and i keep repeating it over and over more like meditating, then we generally ought to have quality control of the music we listen to, not as in genre or type but in content and facts that the music carries. Meditation is a very powerful tool as you meditate, your mind appreciates it and it becomes part of you. No wonder in the bible God reiterates that we become like the word when we continue meditating on it day and night. Imagine staying too much on music that blames everything and everyone for everything happening to them, such music will transform you into a person who just blames everything around, the government, had it not been my parents this and that, the school, the system, friends even the devil, you hear them saying I’m not that type of person, i think its the devil, evil spirits, some things one must take responsibilty. Imagine the music that stereotypes all man as being the same? all women are the same? life is unfair, we are doomed to fail? Music that normalises immorality? Its normal to cheat, its okay? Music with content that portrays woman as sexual objects? Music that appreciates vulgar and obscene language? and this is all in your meditation, contemplation and appreciation, and it becomes part of your subconscious mind? Some of the relationship problems emanates from these so called songs they make people rush into conclusion based on the same experiences that happened to the singer. Some songs will leave you bitter towards one another. Some songs brings back the wounds that would have healed long back. So from this i learned that i have to choose songs that edifies or inspires me while soothing me as well.

NOTE that this is not a pan or criticism of Munodonhedza musika, its just an idea that came after this song became part and parcel of my reasoning and contemplation.


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