Its every parent’s dream to see their son or daughter do well in life, that’s why they do countless sacrifices to make things well and give you the best, some even sacrificing that their child gets top education abroad (UK, Malaysia, Cyprus, Ukraine,etc), Some of these countries they have never been or dreamt about just to make sure you have the best and succeed in life. Some of the monthly rentals, tuition fees they sacrifice a lot and this they may not tell you just to make you focus on school and not be distracted by problems back home, and it seems as if everything is well. They want to see their child live that life they always dreamt about living themselves. They want to celebrate you and your success. They want to see you prosper. They want to enjoy the fruit of their hard work. They want to see you happy with your future family without the struggle they went through. They want to have grandchildren who are well taken care of. Please do justice to their labour, and in return what do you give them? Can’t you wait and focus for only these three or four years? Popularity and fame on Snapchat (Hennessey and Moet lifestyle) and Instagram is it worth it? Pleasures and enjoyment neglecting the main purpose you are in that country? Can’t it wait for these three years? Do justice to the toils and sacrifices of your parents? Be wise, think and open your mental processes. They might be rich already (3%) but it is their dream for you to get the job done in that country, there is no time for wasting. Reward their pain, develop yourself and conquer the world.


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